Let us assist you in making your designs a reality, whether you are starting with a drawing on a napkin or a complete tech pack. We give you a mass product production with high quality.

Design Development

Product Design and Development

Make sure you have the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in your product design and development career. An SAM & SVEN CORPORATION can help you do that. The first step in product design is to determine the features and expectations of the target market. The initial phase of product development is design.


Product Designing

We can help your designs come to life, regardless of whether or not they are from scratch. Additionally, we are more than open to hearing your ideas as well as suggesting some of our own if you would like to hear them.
Our concept construction is unparalleled, which means that we are sure to build something you will not be disappointed with. In other words, we will come up with the perfect design solutions for your design problems, solving them once and for all.
Furthermore, our services for technical design will give you the best possible sketches to work
with and expand upon.

Product Development

When it comes to developing the actual product you are considering, our product creation levels are off the charts. We can either create an entirety new product that you can add more to as per
your interests, or we can further develop your already-existing product concept. Either way, however, we will ensure that your product turns out to be as successful as possible and that it sells well on the market. Because after all, it is crucial to properly develop a product to its full potential so that it may attract the most potential customers and edge out its competitors.

Aside from fabric sourcing, we offer other services as well, such as design and product development, sampling, garment production, delivery, and logistics. It does not matter if you are starting with a sketch on a napkin or have a full tech pack. We will assist you in bringing your designs to reality. We specialize in ideas, concept building, design services, technical design services, and product development concerning this matter. As for sampling, you can turn your sketches, tech packs, and ideas into a physical product that you can hold, touch, and feel. This
stage will allow you to turn your product before production. The most common samples chosen by clients include proto samples, pre-production samples, salesmen samples, and top-of-production (TOP) samples.