Fabric Sourcing

Finding a fabric producer and controlling the supply chain and delivery to receive the necessary goods on schedule, within your budget, and damage-free is the process of fabric sourcing. There are a wide variety of fabric sourcing companies out there as well, with each one doing things a bit differently from the other yet still in their own, unique way. However, no one out there does it better than Sam & Sven Corporation. Regardless of how general or specific the fabric which you are looking for might be, our team of professionals knows just how to help source the material ideally suited for your product. This means that you will never go wrong when coming to us for all your fabric sourcing online. Along with knit fabric sources, we also offer a wide variety of others, including woven, denim, and lace. 

Our factories are experts with several years of experience under their belts, and we offer many types of products. In regards to knits, these range anywhere from t-shirts, underwear products, seamless products, tights, and jackets. Wovens, on the other hand, contain things such as shorts, pants, shirts, denim, and complex jackets. And last but not least, accessories are also available and include products like bags, caps, hats, gloves, and scarves. We have advantages in other fields as well, especially in terms of our features and skills. 

Factory Capability

Apparel Printing – We do screen printing, digital (direct-to-garment) printing, discharge printing, pigment printing, and more. We can also do short runs of all-over prints, both screen printing on cotton and sublimation on polyester.

Garment Dyeing – We can make overdyed, tie-dyed, washed pigment dyed, and indigo dyed garments with different wash finishes.

Embroidery – We currently make all types of embroideries including plain stitches, chenille, chain stitch, appliqué, and combination stitches.

Trims – We can design and include trims such as labels, hangtags, rubber, embroidered, or metal patches. If you need these by themselves for other projects, we can also supply them to you.

Accessories – We can design and produce beanie hats, headbands, socks, and other apparel accessories.

Graphics – We are experienced with creating t-shirt designs, logos, mock-ups, and other necessary graphics. We can work with you to create a bold, cohesive brand identity for your label that will work well in different places: hang tags, size labels, printed graphics, etc.

Apparel Production

In terms of production, every decision will be transparent since clients are involved and get to engage directly with manufacturers that are overseas. Nothing will be done behind anyone’s back or without their knowledge, and every product made will only be of the best caliber. 

In other words, our team will oversee that production is running based on the schedule and not in an unorganized manner. 

Our professionals in this field als take their work very seriously, which means our clients receive products that suit their specific criteria. No matter if those requirements are simple or complex, we do it all.

Quality Control

When production starts, our Quality Control (QC) team will personally be on the factory floor to make sure your product is being created to standards of the highest quality. Regardless of where the product is being produced, our QC team will be there to supervise it every step of the way. 

This means you do not have to worry about whether or not your product is getting made the way it is supposed to, as someone will always be there to ensure that things are going smoothly and according to plan. Also, an extra set of eyes never hurt anyone.