After the goods were shipped, we can keep your products in our warehouse. We effectively manage your ongoing inventory needs, ensuring the right products are always in stock. We also give you real-time, fully customized online inventory reports on-demand, showing your daily usage and usage trends.

We can help to ship the goods to each of your end consumer.


Inventory Management Services,

An inventory management process is about tracking and controlling your brand’s stock from the moment they arrived our warehouse until it reaches your customer.

This includes procuring, storing, moving, processing and selling inventory.

Steps in Inventory Management Process :

  1. Product is delivered to our warehouse(facility)
  2. Product is inspected, sorted, and stored
  3. Inventory levels are monitored
  4. Products are taken from stock
  5. Inventory levels are updated
  6. Stock levels trigger recording.

Distribution Management

Overall, product distribution remains a significant part of whether or not the product reaches its consumer in a safe and timely manner. Although most clients will likely not mind receiving their products early, problems arise when they get there late. This is why figuring out which method works best when it comes to distributing your clients’ products to them is key, as it may either make or break your working relationship with them. And the last thing you would ever want is to lose a client just because of a silly mistake, which could easily have been avoided.